The Specific Claims Tribunal released its reasons for decision in Akisq'nuk First Nation v. HMQ on February 5, 2016.  The tribunal held that the federal government breached its legal obligations to Akisq'nuk First Nation during the reserve creation process for Columbia Lake Indian Reserve No 3 when the Crown failed to reserve land that had been allotted in 1884 by Indian Reserve Commissioner Peter O'Reilly resulting in a net loss of 741 acres and excluded 2,960 acres of land that had been recommended for inclusion by the federal-provincial 1916 Royal Commission on Indian Affairs "McKenna-McBride Commission".  Darwin Hanna is legal counsel for Akisq'nuk First Nation and Callison & Hanna represented Akisq'nuk First Nation at the Specific Claims Tribunal.  Read more click on the orange title to the left to download the case.